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Kajal Agarwal Denied Topless Pose


Kajal Agarwal’s name has been all around the entertainment portals lately as she was rumored to have posted topless in a men’s magazine. It is no rumor actually as the magazine cover itself showed her top less. It more on a n issue of illegal edition of the photos without her consent. Kajal admitted that she did pose for the mag but she insisted that she wore a black tube when she had it.

She also added that she can show to them the original that the magazine sent for her approval. She said that the magazine just edited her pictures to look that way. She felt peeved she when she saw it. Kajal reiterated that she didn’t have an interview with them.

“I’m not the kind of person who would ever do a topless shoot. My reputation and work stands by me. Publishing a distorted version of the photo is wrong and unethical,” Kajal said.

She had her debut film in 2004 with the film Kyun…! Ho Gaya Na. She established herself as one of the leading actresses in Telugu cinema. Kajal Agarwal is currently on the process of shooting her 2011 Tamil film, Maatraan.

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