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Don’t Ask George Clooney About His Lovelife


You can ask Hollywood actor / director George Clooney about anything under the sun – but that ‘anything’ is not a blanket authority to ask about his much-talked-about lovelife.

These days when it comes to George’s relationships it is no longer ‘Ask and it shall be answered’… it is now ‘Ask and you will be scolded.’

Like what happened to a ‘People’ magazine reporter who chose to tempt his fate and asked Clooney about his personal life.

Reports say the ‘People’ magazine reporter asked Clooney at the Toronto Film Festival where the actor / director sat at a panel to promote his new film, “The Ides of March”, which was harder – “directing or dating in the spotlight.”

Instead of replying, the Oscar winner was said to have scolded him like a kind school teacher, saying, “Well you know, it’s funny. I knew someone would do it. I’m a little disappointed it’s you.”

“Everyone here is a little ashamed of you right now. Honestly,” Clooney added.

“Listen, I think it’s tremendous you asked the question, go back and tell your editor you asked the question,” he said with a smile.

[Oh George, why so defensive all of the sudden? No one is trying to sabotage your new relationship with Stacy Kiebler.]

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