Evan Rachel Wood’s Tooth in a Box


Is the ‘Ides of March’ actress, Evan Rachel Wood pulling a fast one on the tooth fairy?

Instead of leaving her loose tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy, Evan Rachel carried her tooth around in a little blinged-up box.

Marilyn Manson’s ex reportedly lost the tooth while partying in Paris when someone in the crowd accidentally elbowed her in the mouth. The trooper that she is, Evan Rachel did not make much out of the incident and decided she will just make some sort of a lucky charm out of the tooth. She even proudly tells the tale of how she lost it to people who ask her how she is.

On the red carpet for the ‘Ides of March’ in Toronto, Ontario, Wood “was carrying her tooth around in a little jeweled box. [She was] showing it off to people who [asked] how she was feeling,” a source said.

An onlooker noticed that the star’s lip was “slightly bruised,” but Wood “told people at the party that she was feeling just fine.”

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