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Celebrities Help Japan Tsunami Victims; Sandra Bullock, Demi Lovato Give $1million


Hollywood celebrities donated money one after the other as soon as the media revealed how devastated Japan is.

Sandra Bullock, ranked 22nd highest earner in Holly Wood donated $1 million to the American Red Cross for the tsunami victims. So did Disney babe Demi Lovato who just got out of rehab. Speaking of the large media entertainment company, the Walt Disney Company gave $2.5 million in humanitarian aid to the victims.

Also, Lady Gaga’s bracelet project raised $250k in 48 hours.

Little red Riding Hood star Amanda Seyfried held a “please help” banner to show her support for the relief effort.

There was also a big nasty hoax that other celebrities such Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and many others had donated large amounts to the victims. Of course, it wasn’t true but these stars extended their sympathies through Twitter.


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  1. Brendon says:

    I can’t believe that these are the only celebrites that have tried to help out, this is one of the worst disasters the world has ever known. Even if celebrities would give $1.50 each, less than a cup of coffee, it would make a huge difference. I am truly saddened that none of my favorite actors except for the wonderful Sandra Bullock think that this was worth giving even a $1.50 of their millions to help out.


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