“No Other Woman” Trailer Sets All Hearts Ablaze


The long wait is over and still waiting..

As Star Cinema and Viva Films releases the trailer of the most talked about movie starring the dashing Derek Ramsey,the stunning and drop dead gorgeous Anne Curtis and sexy and flawless Cristine Reyes.

The official trailer was officially released on the afternoon showbiz oriented talk show, The Buzz,last September 11, 2011. Two versions of trailer was released, one premiered of Star Cinema’s official YouTube account and one television trailer.

This surely is a big treat as good-looking people star in a steamy movie that will leave everyone craving for love and the need to protect what they have.

The story revolves around Ram,played by Derek Ramsey obviously, who is already married to a doting wife,Sharmayne, played by Cristine Reyes -who finds himself entangled with a gorgeous client Cara,portrayed by Anne Curtis, and indulges a no-strings,adult relationship.

The movie will surely capture the hearts of any man who loves their wives but gone astray when they meet temptation.It will also capture the sympathy of all the wives out there who finds themselves in the same situation and also the hearts of the mistresses who are unfortunate to give their love to the wrong man.And most importantly,it will capture the hearts of all people and learn that loving a person is like a battlefield. The need to fight and protect is inevitable in love,coz in love there is No Other Woman.

Can’t wait for this film to hit theaters plus the heart-wrenching OST
“Now That You’re Gone” covered by Juris, originally sang by Ella Mae Saison will add a kick to the movie.

Take a good peak in this year’s much awaited and steamy movie:

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