Megan Fox Gains Weight and Sexier Still


Megan Fox gained a few pounds to her advantage.

The former Transformers babe flaunts her newfound curvier and sexier figure at the premiere of Friends with Kids in Toronto Film Festival on Friday.

The 25-year-old wife of Brian Austin Green,looking so fabulous in her body-hugging femme fatale red dress and a super-sexy leopards heels to complete her ensemble.

Its a big surprise that someone as sexy as Megan Fox has faced struggles in her weight. Her husband,former Beverly Hills 90210 actor,Brian Austin Green revealed about his wife’s plight to gain weight.(Lucky her most people have problems losing it!) Anyways, it looks like Fox has finally solved her plight on under weight.

In the interview with Amica magazine,the gorgeous actress revealed she ditched eating healthy and green.

“For a year and a half, until about four months ago, I followed a strict vegan diet based on raw fruits and vegetables,” she told Amica magazine, as excerpted by the Daily Mail. “No bread, no sugar and coffee. But I had lost too much weight.”

“Now, I eat a bit of everything,” she said. However,like any other weight problem, keeping a desired figure comes with exercise. Fox also added that she still trains three times a week with Harley Pasternak.

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