Rihanna’s Family Wants Her To Be A Punching Bag-Again?


Indeed RIHANNA‘s family is crazy!

In a report from the American tabloid, National Enquirer, the young singer’s family wants her to re-unite with her abusive former beau Chris Brown!

Rihanna’s cousin Nicola Alleyne even expressed that she has bestowed forgiveness upon Chris Brown’s act.

“Chris made a mistake, but I forgive him,” Nicola Alleyne declared.

A netizen commented,”It’s as if she was the one who got hit, got bruises all over the body plus being humiliated in the a** all over the world.”

However, Rihanna’s cousin fervently believed that her cousin still loves her sadistic ex-boyfriend.

“I think he got hit too. Knowing Rihanna like I do, it was a fight. But I would love them to be back together. I really think Chris still loves her.

“She introduced Chris to everybody. He was really, really nice.

“Chris’ mother, sister, nephew and cousin also came. My mother made dinner, and Chris sat on the floor and ate her Guyanese food — baked salt fish and rice.”

It’s upto Rihanna if she really want to be a human punching bag again.

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