CN Blue Successfully Ended Their Stint With Linkin Park In Japan


CN BLUE has rocked the halls of Makuhari Messe last September 10th.

The South Korean band, CNBLUE has been handpicked by the famous American band Linkin Park to be their front act in the latter’s Japanese concert at the Makuhari Messe.

As it was reported, Linkin Park had personally reviewed the four-member band portfolio and asked them as their opener. Much to Linkin Park’s expectation, CN Blue-comprised of Jung Yong Hwa (leader/vocals/guitarist), Lee Jong Hyun (vocals/guitarist),Lee Jung Shin (bass) and Kang Min Hyuk (drums), delivered an impressive performance with seven of their original songs: “Let’s Go Crazy“, “Now or Never“, “Love“, “Intuition“, “Coward“, “Just Please“, and “One More Time“.

According to, the concert venue was packed with 7,000 fans -who actually sang along with CN Blue and expressed their double delight as their favorite Asian band performs as the opener of their other favorite rock band.

Post-concert, the boys of CN Blue felt overwhelmed with the experience, the members stated:“It felt like a dream to be able to open for Linkin Park’s concert. We were a bit nervous performing at the opening in Japan, but there were a lot of people supporting us, which gave us the strength to successfully complete our stage. Overall, it was very fun.”

CNBLUE’s second Japanese album, “392“, has currently topped the Japanese Billboard indies chart.

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