Taylor Swift Obsessed With Cooking and Cook Books


Blondie singer TAYLOR Swift has found a new obsession!

The “Fearless” singer Swift admits her new found love with cooking and proves she’s got the talent to make it big in the kitchen!

The talented singer reveals that she has taken fascination with cooking and her current hobby is collecting all kinds of cook books.

“Right now I’m obsessed with cooking, so I’ve been getting all kinds of cookbooks,” she said.

“Everybody knows, all of my friends know, that I love to cook, and so I have this entire bookshelf full of cookbooks in my place.

Taylor admitted that she got addicted reading Barefoot Contessa’s cookbooks and during her free time she puts what she has learned into making.

“I really love reading Barefoot Contessa cookbooks.

“And you know when you go into the stores and there’s [books like] ‘How To Make Great Sandwiches’ and you’re [thinking], ‘who buys those?’ I buy those! I see a book of ‘100 Ways to Make Cupcakes.’ I buy that.

“Basically anything that I can get from a cookbook and then improvise with, I’ll get the basic recipe from a cookbook and get the idea for it and then I’ll just [think], ‘oh, I wonder what would happen if I add this to it?’”

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