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Megan Fox Motherhood Plans Put On Hold


The former Transformers babe MEGAN Fox wishes to become a mother but is putting her plans into backseat as she expressed she needs to earn enough money first before starting her own family.

The 25-year-old Fox,who has married Brian Austin Green of Beverly Hills 90210, admits her desire to have kids but only she wants to have them when she has enough bank balance to give them quality life support their needs.

“I want to have children. I’ve always wanted kids. I have a number in my mind of what amount of money I want in the bank so that I can protect that child’s future,” she said.

Moreover, Megan Fox has always been dunned as one of Hollywood’s stunners.However, this brunette bombshell admits she doesn’t see herself what the rest of the perceives her.Despite being hailed as Sexiest Woman in the World by a sexy magazine back in 2008, Megan still sees herself as an unattractive woman since she was never been considered pretty back in school.

“I was never the beautiful girl in my school — I mean, I had braces and I died my hair orange. I was not the popular girl. I was always the loner,” she said. “I was drawn to this industry for other reasons.”

However she admits her job in Hollywood has not always been easy.

“Careers sort of go up and down,” she said. “Not everybody makes a hit every single time. There’s no particular technique. Most of the time it’s just about survival.”

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