TLC Slammed for ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ Controversy


The show ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ has long been getting a bad rap for its supposed exploitative nature. Oftentimes the criticism of the show verges on child abuse and exploitation because parents, the mothers in particular, ‘excitedly’ and even giddily do everything to ensure their little girl comes out a winner – from making the child drink a mixture of red bull and cola to ‘perk’ them up to overloading on the fake spray tan and attaching teeth veneers.

But, the latest controversy went farther than teeth veneers or spray tans, it involved dressing a toddler up as a prostitute ala Julia Robert’s streetwalker character in ‘Pretty Woman’.

On Wednesday night’s episode, Wendy Dickey dressed her 3-year-old daughter, Paisley, in a tight, midrib-baring costume complete with a blonde wig and patent, thigh-high boots.

The stage mother said the provocative pageant costume was “meant to be funny [and] not sexual at all”, but the Parents Television Council is not laughing.

Melissa Henson, the director of communications and public education for the PTC said, “Whether you love or loathe child beauty pageants, everyone should agree that sexualizing a three-year-old little girl is wrong. But that is exactly what the TLC network has done.”

“Such brazen and wanton material should qualify as child exploitation or abuse. Instead of creating ratings-friendly buzz, TLC engendered outrage among millions of parents and grandparents who are tired of seeing children exploited for ratings and robbed of their innocence by a greedy entertainment industry that will stop at nothing to make a buck,” Henson added.

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