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Adhyayan Suman: Kangna Only Knows How to Use, Abuse and Throw


The case of ‘He said, She said’ continues as Adhyayan Suman and Kangna Ranaut’s camps continue to exchange barbs as to who said or did what to whom – with each party claiming to be the one telling the ‘real’ truth.

After Adhyayan revealed that he was indeed the one who introduced his former girlfriend, actor Kangna Ranaut to international fashionista Paris Hilton, he now claims that Kangna abused him on the phone.

Adhyayan said in an emailed statement, “Kangna only knows how to use, abuse and throw. She has flooded me with abusive calls ever since the truth on her fake claims came out, (adding she has been abusing him for a long time). I have remained silent for so many years, but she is crossing all limits now.”

For Kangna’s part, her representative dismissed the allegations saying that there is no truth in them. Her publicist even wanted to furnish the itemized bill details of Kangna’s personal mobile phone to prove that she did not make a single call to her former boyfriend.

Her publicist said, “Kangna’s most amused by this news. A look at her phone records will easily prove that this is untrue just as (Adhyayan’s) earlier claims.”

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