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Ashton Kutcher Shares Secret To Successful Marriage


Model turned prankster ASHTON Kutcher sees his marriage as “active and evolving bond”.

The former Calvin Klein model,who is married to Demi Moore admits to have matured much and says his relationship with his much older wife has grown “deeper” since their matrimony in 2005.

Kutcher reveals how he and wife survive their married bliss by embracing the changes and challenges they encounter along the way.

“Our relationship has just grown deeper and more interesting. We love each other and we love the journey we’re taking together and that’s not a cliche,” he said.

“We are both actively engaged in each other’s lives and we both find that it’s so beautiful to be able to appreciate each other in new and different ways. We both see marriage as an active and evolving bond between us.”

Aside from embracing changes and challenges, the 33-year-old Kutcher relishes his successful marriage with Demi-who is 15 years his senior,through constant honest communications and handful of tricks to surprise her whenever he can.

“You have to be very serious about communicating your feelings and just expressing yourself and being open to your partner,” he added.

“Demi and I both believe in that kind of philosophy. We also like being romantic and doing special little things for each other, whether it’s coming up with a wild new meal for dinner or suggesting a trip somewhere.

“You don’t want to just sit around and get into some routine where you don’t even realize that you’ve fallen into that kind of thing.”

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