Girls’ Generation Made History In Taiwan!


Girls’ Generation has once again,prove that they are indeed’s Asia’s No 1 girl group. With their popularity not just isolated in their native homeland South Korea, Girls’ Generation has yet,made history as the first foreign girl group to hold 3-day arena concert in Taiwan. The history just doesn’t stop there, Girls Generation,according to reports, have drawn the largest audience ever. A big feat,no foreign act has done in Taiwan.

A sea of pink saber lights had inundated Taipei Arena for 3 days (Sep. 9th ~ 11th) as Girls Generation held their Second Solo Concert.The nine members of the group entertained over 31,000 Taiwanese Sones (literally means “Wish”-the official fanclub of the group) with their cute,sexy and elegant outfits, spectacular stage concept and effects, cute and strong dance routines,impressive solo performances, and most importantly their fantastic vocals of their hit songs plus a number of song covers.

In this concert, Girls’ Generation had performed a total 31 songs,included in the playlist are their hits ‘Gee,’ ‘Genie,’ ‘Oh!’ and songs from their first Japanese album such as ‘Bad girl,’ ‘The great escape’ etc. And also they presented individual performances which fans could enjoy the charms of each member so it was enough to receive explosive responses.

The nine members expressed their desire to fully give what their fans deserved- a very good performance from all of them.The pressure did not abate as the girls commercial prowess in selling tickets proved to be at the top of the game resulting to an extended concert dates to accommodate fans’ clamor for repeat performances.

The group’s hardwork to satisfy fans did not come unpaid,though obviously fans paid money just to see the concert,but what the Taiwanese fans moved not only the members of Girls’ Generation but also the girls’ other international fans.

Taiwanese fans prepared special events for Girls’ Generation and created a touching atmosphere. For the first day, Taiwanese fans made a ‘????9’ message with green light sticks and for second day, they spread towels which has ‘Your Sone (the official Girls’ Generation fan club)’ message on it.

For last day, Taiwanese fans threw pink ribbon, which is the symbol color of Girls’ Generation, to the stage right after the last song ‘It’s Fantastic.’ Moreover, during the concert, fans prepared Hyoyeon’s birthday party and celebrated the day together.

Meanwhile, this concert was sponsored by Seoul and Seoul Tourism Organization so Seoul promotion booth, photo zone and promotion videos were presented to Taiwanese fans on Sep. 10th ~ 11th. And also, KPOP Cover Contest was held on Sep. 10th and attracted fans’ attention.

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