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Megan Fox and Husband Removing Ink Together


Maybe Megan Fox has realized that all the bad ass attitude and negativity is not doing her Hollywood career well. After all that flak that got her booted off one of the biggest movie franchises that, let’s face it, made her movie career take off and established her as femme fatale of hotness, nothing much has been heard about Fox.

I suppose that is the reason why Megan, and even her husband, Brian Austin Green, is going on a karmic cleanse of some sort — or make that an ink cleanse.

Megan is reported to be removing via laser her fabled Marilyn Monroe tattoo that is located on her right forearm, which she had done when she was 18.

Asked why she suddenly want her right forearm ink-free, Megan said, “I just feel like her life was surrounded and shrouded in so much mystery and tragedy and she was troubled and there is negativity with her life and with her death. I just feel like there are better things to have inked on your body than someone who suffered so much, so in getting older, I just decided that is something I wanted to get rid of.”

She adds, “Brian is removing some tattoos also.”

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