Ricki Lake: DWTS is a ‘Jump Start’ to Losing Weight


Well, somebody did say that nobody got ahead (in losing weight) by sitting on their behinds.

So, Ricki Lake is milking her stint in ‘Dancing With The Stars’ for all the weight she can lose. With six-hour rehearsals at least, Lake is bound to lose weight just like Kirstie Alley did when she was on the show.

Lake told ‘Access Hollywood’, “I’m dropping weight like crazy. My pants are falling off,” as she continues to rehearse for the competition.

“I lost five inches. I’m not weighing myself, but I’m committing to this completely. I’m watching what I eat… It’s so funny that I’m about to be 43 years old, this kid, [Derek Hough], is 26 and yet, I’m listening to everything he tells me to do,” she adds.

“It’s a jump start, it really is. And for me — someone who has battled my weight, on camera, my whole adult life — this really is an amazing opportunity.

“My body is going to get in the best shape it can possibly get in at this age, so I’m gonna give it my all,” Lake concludes.

And her partner Derek has nothing but high praises for Ricki, saying, “Everything that she’s earning on the show is going to a charity.”

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    I hope you win this year!
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