Charlie Sheen: ‘It’s A Lot Calmer’


Mention the name ‘Charlie Sheen’ and quite a few catch-phrases come into mind such as, ‘radio rants’, ‘goddesses’, ‘winning’, ‘warlock’ and ‘epic, epic proportions’.

Sheen’s life was so much embroiled in one controversy after another that people could not make out why he is acting so weird – whether it was drugs, an emotional breakdown or insanity.

These days, Charlie says his dizzying life has begun to slow down.
Sheen told NBC’s Matt Lauer that, “It’s a lot calmer. It’s a lot mellower…I don’t really know what happened… I said some stuff and then it caught such traction globally and instantly that I couldn’t really put out the fire. I had to keep fueling it.”

Charlie also said that he is currently “absolutely” sober and that he’s shifted the focus in his life, and has made his children with ex-wives Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller his main priority.

“I’m seeing my kids a lot more, mending fences with Denise and Brooke, just trying to move forward and prioritize what matters. You know, just really get back in touch with some more reality… It’s what I call the moments inside the moments. I think that’s where the life is, you know, it’s in those quiet moments,” Charlie added.

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