Kim Kardashian ‘Kares’


Who would have thought that Hollywood reality star, Kim Kardashian is capable of doing a random act of kindness?

It seems Kim ‘kared’ (cared) enough to track down the owner of a mobile phone she found in a taxi despite her very hectic career schedule and honeymoon bliss.

So, jam-packed schedule and all, the newlywed reality star and businesswoman wanted everyone to know that she is not too busy to do a good deed. On Wednesday, Kim Kardashian-Humphries, 30, tracked down the owner of a lost cell phone in NYC and returned it to its owner.

Taking to her Twitter account, Kim tweeted, “I just found someone’s cell phone in a taxi! I hope I can get a hold of them and give it back to them.”

So how Kim go about finding the phone’s rightful owner? “I just called the last number they dialed and found them. Thank heavens! I would die without my phone.”

Maybe Kim is trying to pack on good karma for her baby-making endeavors.

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