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Robert Pattinson Is A Father To a Baby Boy!


The 25-year-old British hunk has just landed himself some responsibility.

Before any of you gets heartbroken and depressed, the vampire hunk has not fathered a child but he was named as the god”father” of his best friend’s son.

Pattinson-who rose to fame with his hunk-a-licious portrayal of the hot vampire in the Twilight saga is the godfather to actress Matilda Sturridge’s newborn son.

Matilda is the little sister of Rob’s bestbuddy Tom Sturridge. Pattinson met Matilda when Tom and Rob were classmates at Harrodian School back in England.Both Rob and Matilda pursued acting and have remained close pals.

On September 4th, Matilda 23, gave birth to her first child and asked Rob to be his godfather.Sources say, Rob is deeply honored with Matilda’s invitation and accepted the godfather role to her little boy.He was so glad with the prospect of having a little boy calling him godfather,he and Tom,who was with his girlfriend Sienna Miller went out and celebrated his new role in London.

Robert Pattinson is in the midst of promoting the first part of the Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn together with his on/off-screen partner Kristen Stewart.

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  1. ana says:

    oh thats good .how about kristen god mother as well ..congrats robsten


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