Two Biggest Hallyu Stars Shows Gratitude Through Spreading Love and Good Cause


South Korea’s entertainment royalty: Girls’ Generation and Super Junior will make an appearing on KBS’s “Love Request” this September 17th.

The two most popular groups SK groups,who has been making din all over the world, will not simply guest and get paid on the said show. Both groups will use their influence to spread love and give hope to millions of less fortunate people all over the world.

For starters, the show will also feature an 11-year-old Cambodian named Suraili-who is suffering from a heart condition and a young Indian named Nurulee,who lost his eyesight when he was 9 years old.

These two less fortunate kids will be flown to Korea to receive treatment,thus encouraging young people out there to help and be thankful with what they have.

Since Girls’ Generations and Super Junior have the biggest fan bases,the aim of this show is ultimately urge people to extend helping hand.The biggest SM artists will also participate in the blood drive campaign.

Moreover, not just encouraging people to spread good cause, both groups also take the opportunity to give thanks to all their supporters who continuously give them love and through these acts of kindness will they be able to give back the love they have been receiving from their followers all over the world.

The production team stated on the 16th, “This special program was prepared to allow the stars of Hallyu, SNSD and Super Junior, to thank their fans from Asia, who have given them so much love, while spreading the good cause so that everyone can participate”.

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