The Lion King in 3D


The Lion King, a 1994 Disney hit that is perhaps the highest grossing hand-drawn animated film has just gone through a makeover for a 3-D version set for release in theaters and home video.

The Lion King 3-D may just be the beginning of a series of 3-D releases from Disney in the future. While the re-release would likely attract the young audience to theaters, it could still be a good addition to the home video collection for the family.

I just hope that the new audience could still see beyond the 3-D effects because at times it can be distracting. Instead of feeling the storyline and the characters, there is a tendency for the audience to try to feel the 3-D effects to a point that they are missing out on the plot itself.

Of course there is so much entertainment value in The Lion King one would fully appreciate the songs like ‘Hakuna Matata’ in 3-D.

The Lion King 3-D may not be the best that Disney ever made but it is worth watching at least once in this lifetime.

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