Rapper T.I. Back in Halfway House


Rapper T.I.’s life in and out of Federal prison is bumpier than the road his luxury bus to Atlanta was on.

But, it seems his lawyer has finally sorted out the issue prison officials had with his ‘luxury’ bus ride that landed him back from the halfway house he was supposed to spend his last month’s sentence in to the federal prison he was hauled back to.

The Atlanta entertainer, whose real name is Clifford Harris, was released last August 31 from a federal prison in Arkansas where he was serving an 11-month sentence on weapons possession and drug charges and was assigned to a halfway house in Atlanta for the last month of his sentence. But, barely a day or two after leaving Arkansas, T.I. was returned to a federal prison in Atlanta because officials had an “issue” with his ride on a luxury bus from Arkansas to Atlanta.

His attorney, Steve Sadow said prison officials believed T.I. was conducting business on the bus.

“But we provided them with information that he wasn’t actually conducting business on the bus,” Sadow said.

On Thursday, T.I. was transferred from prison to the Atlanta halfway house, where he awaits his scheduled release on September 29.

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