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Tareq Salahi Blinsided by Michaele’s Journey Affair


“Normally you tell the person before you leave them for someone else, but I guess she didn’t do that,” a source close to Tareq Salahi said of the bizarre behavior exhibited by Michaele Salahi who just upped and left her husband in the middle of the night to go on a ‘journey’ with Neal Schon.

So, it seems Michaele Salahi just does what she wants when she wants it – and her husband is the last to know.

The poor, unknowing guy even thought his wife has been kidnapped or abducted, and sought the help of authorities to find her. It was only later on that he knew that he was blindsided by his wife and that she had left him for another man.

According to Journey’s spokesperson, “They (Neal and Michaele) met in 1995 when Journey was on tour and they maintained a relationship as friends ever since.”

Just last month Schon ended his on-off relationship with Ava Fabian. And, although Schon was ‘surprised’ by Michaele’s visit, a rep for the band tells ‘Us’: “He is not hiding that they are together.”

An insider said that the two spent hours shopping together, buying clothes for Michaele since “she left Tareq in the middle of the night and barely took anything.”

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