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Paris Hilton Excited to Visit India


She does not need Bollywood actress Kangna Ranaut to represent her in India – Paris Hilton can simply come to India and sell her own wares, so to speak.

And, she is coming to India indeed. On September 24 to 27 to be exact, the Hilton heiress and celebpreneur will be in Mumbai to promote the launch of her handbag collection in India.

Now, her Indian fans can have their own authentic Paris Hilton handbag and accessories.

The international celebrity that she is, Paris Hilton has been to various parts of Asia, and would be visiting India to launch her Paris Hilton handbag and accessories line.

“This will be my first visit to India. I look forward to seeing the country and opening my new shops. It’s always been important to create fashion-forward products at an affordable price… I’m excited to meet all of my fans and the amazing Bollywood celebrities,” Paris said in a statement.

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