Sinead O’Connor: ‘It’s Ok to Feel Suicidal’


Somebody help her quick! It seems Sinead O’Connor is in serious need of some form of intervention before she really harms herself in a way that there is no turning back.

After issuing a controversial plea for a just about anyone willing to fulfill her ravenous sexual needs, singer Sinead O’Connor is again causing quite a stir in Twitter – this time about her suicidal thoughts.

She shocked her Twitter followers on Wednesday with a dark-sided rant, and she again took to her Twitter account to address her series of ‘suicidal’ tweets, one of which said, “Anyway…If any1 knows how I can kill myself…Without my kids finding out I did it deliberately pls tell me asa f–kin p.”

The 44-year-old singer then wrote in her blog post, “I do believe suicide is a sin. Because u may as well have murdered every one who loves u even remotely. Including ‘God’. And we all have people who adore us…Even if we think we don’t.”

She continued, “Its a lie too, suicide. It doesn’t solve your problems. It only makes them infinitely, un-countably worse. Its a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Which brings u a whole rake of new karmic problems. Its selfish. And shit. So…Let’s not do it.”

Sinead then brought her thoughts full-circle by defending her Twitter rant by writing, “BUT It’s ok to FEEL suicidal. That is most definitely neither a sin nor a sign necessarily, of madness. It’s quite normal to feel that way sometimes.”

O’Connor attempted suicide in 1999 on her 33rd birthday.

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