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Shilpa Shetty Taking a 3-Year Sabbatical


Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is taking a three-year sabbatical from showbusiness, but it does not mean that she will leave the Indian film industry for good.

Shilpa clarifies that she is not ready to accept the word ‘retirement’ for now because all she wants is to slow down and spend some more time with her family.

“’Retirement’ is a word that means that you are giving up the career completely. I am not doing anything like that. This film (‘Desire’ where she’ll be seen as a monk) is my last film for now. My last film for the next two-three years,” Shilpa said.

The actress explains that her self-imposed sabbatical will be a means to concentrate on her ‘other ventures’.

Sources close to the actress said that aside from attending to her ‘other ventures’ Shilpa will be spending more time with her husband and her in-laws to give some quality time to them.

“She will be working, but wants to concentrate on her family right now. She wants to also pay attention to the many investments and ventures she’s gotten into recently; it needs her urgent attention,” the source said.

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