Straw Dogs Remake Released this Weekend


James Marsden and Kate Bosworth star in Straw Dogs, Rod Lurie’s remake of Sam Peckinpah’s 1971 drama-thriller. The original version that starred Dustin Hoffman and Susan George was then considered controversial due to its take on troubled marital relationships and violence brought about by home invasion.

Marsden plays David, a Hollywood screenwriter married to Amy played by Bosworth. The couple decides to return to her hometown in the South while David tries to complete a screenplay he is working on. Trouble begins when David hires Charlie and his friends to reconstruct the roof of their home. Charlie happens to be Amy’s former boyfriend back in high school.

Tension between the couple builds up as Charlie and his crew further aggravates the situation. David fires the crew but Charlie has plans of his own by taking Amy by force. Ex-boyfriend Charlie and his friends take control of the couple’s home while David and Amy struggle to fight just to survive.

Straw Dogs may not be a mainstream bet this weekend but drama-thriller fans will find the couple in the remake more lovable than those in the original version.

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