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David Beckham to Splurge on Liz Taylor Jewelry for Victoria


Diamonds (or make that any piece of expensive jewelry) are a girl’s best friend.

And, it seems that since baby Harper was born daddy David has been wanting nothing but make wife Victoria very happy and give her what her heart desires.

Soccer superstar David Beckham is reportedly planning to buy late Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry for his wife Victoria when it goes up for auction at Christie’s in December – and he is willing to splurge an obscene amount on the late actress’ diamonds.

A source close to the couple said, “David’s been so happy since Harper was born, he feels like him and Victoria are falling in love all over again. He wants to show it with the most impressive gifts possible.”

‘It’s like that little girl has just flipped a switch in David’s brain and he’s more in love with his wife than ever. He’s been cooking romantic dinners for Victoria – something he hasn’t done since they were married,” the source added.

Lucky Victoria!

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