Ashton Kutcher Debuts On Two And A Half Men


It has been months since Charlie Sheen was involved in a highly publicized war of words with Chuck Lorre, creator of his long-running sitcom “Two And A Half Men” on CBS. With the departure of the troubled actor, Ashton Kutcher was tapped to replace him to co-star with Jon Cryer (as Alan) and Angus T. Jones (as Jake).

The much-awaited debut of Ashton Kutcher in the Season 9 premiere of “Two And a Half Men” as an internet billionaire coming off a bad marriage that ended in divorce had close to 28 million viewers on Monday night. Sheen’s character was killed of the show which paved the way for Kutcher’s Walden Schmidt character to come in as Alan and Jake’s new roommate.

Ratings and viewership almost doubled from last season, showing positive reception to the introduction of Kutcher’s character. This early, it appears that viewers got more curious following Sheen’s departure and how Kutcher can fill in the void left by the 46-year old actor who has been with the show for the past eight seasons.

Whether this can be sustained throughout the season will depend on how Kutcher blends with Cryer and Jones in succeeding episodes.

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