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Tom Sizemore Behind Bars For Several Hours


The “Saving Private Ryan” actor seemed to have lost track of the date which eventually sent him behind bars. He failed to appear in the court last month for a drug related investigation. He was arrested by the police officers Tuesday and spent several hours inside the prison cell.

Sizemore was arrested in 2009 for battery charges related to drugs. Although there were no drugs found, Sizemore has been demanded to appear in court because of an outstanding warrant against him.

Sizemore has been having efforts to get back on track and even appeared on the TV Show “Celebrity Rehab” in 2010. He will part of the new detective series “Hawaii 5-0” being an internal affairs chief of Hawaii’s police department.

He was then released few hours later after bailing $26,000 Tuesday morning. The actor then released a statement to TMZ.com that his arrest was just out of clerical error over community service hours imposed in the 2009 case. Accordingly, the police failed to log his community service for his 2009 case.

At first, there several versions of the arrest of Sizemore that some are even saying that he was not the one arrested but just somebody else in his household. However, the truth just came out and everything has been cleared now.

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