Anna Kournikova Is The New Trainer On The Biggest Loser


It would be interesting to see how former professional tennis player Anna Kournikova fares as trainer on ‘The Biggest Loser’. Kournikova comes in to take the place of Jillian Michaels as trainer for obese contestants on the reality-based TV show.

The Russian stunner who was more popular for her looks than her on-court skills may have worked with the best trainers, nutritionists and sports psychologists but she never won a WTA singles titles in her professional playing career. What may work for her is that she has gone through the same discipline of a strict diet regimen and training. This is a definite plus for Kournikova in the area of empathy.

Some of the things that may not work for her is that she was never successful as an individual player, retiring from the sport without a major singles title despite winning multiple doubles titles. Contestants would surely look up to a certified winner. How can she establish her credibility?

Ratings may improve among the male demographics but it may not be for the long haul.

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