Brad Pitt: “It’s Called a Hotel”


He may not yet be legally married to Hollywood A-list actress and U.N. ambassador Angelina Jolie, but Brad Pitt is really doing whatever it takes to make their relationship work. Talk about keeping the sparkle.

Brad was on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ to promote his latest film, ‘Moneyball’ and he revealed that with six kids running around and literally taking over the house finding quiet time for himself and Angie can be really difficult.

But, no matter how crazy things get in the house, Brad said he and Angie always have a backup plan for a little alone time together.

“We carve out mommy and daddy time,” Brad told Ellen. “It’s called a hotel. You’ve got to get out of this house. You’ve got to leave,” he laughingly added.

It seems like Brad is not ‘pretending’ anymore, unlike in his marriage with Jennifer Aniston, he is genuinely happy and fulfilled with his life with Angelina and their kids.

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  1. Brad is great as a dad and angies man i like Jen also. He should be able to speak freely about his self without judement these judges are stupid anyway that is an adult with a common brain knows Brad meant no harm to Jen just freedom of speech he is not as ignorant as the assholes that write this shit don’t hide out its a camera not a gun and dont give up your right of free speech if u do THEY win ………………


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