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Halle Berry Injures Foot While Filming In Spain


Actress Halle Berry was recently reported to have injured her foot while off the set “Cloud Atlas”, an upcoming film being shot in Spain. Filming of “Cloud Atlas” began this spring and showing is set for October 2011. However, the injury to the 45-year old actress may push production to a halt while she is recovering.

According to reports, Berry hurts herself while walking. It happened on a day off from work, filming scenes in Spain before shooting scenes in Scotland and Germany.

The upcoming film is directed and adapted for screenplay by the Wachowski siblings of the Matrix trilogy fame. “Cloud Atlas” also boasts of other big-named stars like Tom Hanks, Hugh Grant, Susan Sarandon, Hugo Weaving and Jim Sturgess. Incidentally, Weaving played the Agent in the Matrix trilogy.

With the injury, production will have to adjust its schedule until Berry is able to continue with filming. Since the story based on a David Mitchell novel revolves around different characters in interconnected stories, filming may still be possible for the other stars.

It has not been confirmed if the release date would also move beyond October next year.

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