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Shah Rukh Khan Wants to Do Romantic Films Instead


Plagued by numerous injuries due to the physically demanding stunts they themselves do in action movies, we may soon see Bollywood action heroes shifting gears and slowing down on the action-packed sequences.

First to want to make the transition to doing romantic movies is Shah Rukh Khan, who after smashing cars, playing a superhero and performing almost death-defying stunts, wants to do a romantic film based on a love story from now on.

“I had to work hard to physically train myself to perform the stunts and now I am running around promoting Ra.One. I am tired and have had enough of stunts, I want to star in a sweet romantic film now,” Shah Rukh said at the Global Indian Music Awards’ red carpet.

And, of course, Khan’s wish has already been granted as Yashraj films is set to make a romantic movie with him and Katrina Kaif, who is reportedly his arch-rival Salman Khan’s girlfriend.

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