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Lea Michele: Sarah Hyland “Hurt My Feelings a Little Bit”


Sarah Hyland might have meant her comments about Lea Michele’s dress and posing style on the Emmys red carpet to be at least even a little bit funny, but the object of her sartorial statements is not laughing.

“I gotta be honest. It hurt my feelings a little bit. I really think the message of today is that women should motivate and empower women, and so that’s why I’m honored to be a part of today,” Michele told ‘Us Weekly’ at Variety’s 3rd Annual Power of Women event.

Hyland did try to smooth things out by clarifying on Twitter that her critiques were meant to be comical. “I did not intend for my comments to be taken in a malicious way. But I did hate [her] dress. Called her ass great. Did you all hear that one?”, Hyland tweeted.

“Congrats Lea. You know how to work the red carpet. I can’t take it as seriously as you. I can’t take myself that seriously. I don’t like the red carpet. I feel silly. So props to her for knowing what she’s doing and enjoying it,” she added.

Michele though is not too bent out of shape over Hyland’s comments. She even managed to say to ‘Us’, “I send her love. I think she’s a great person.”

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