Taylor Lautner Stars In ‘Abduction’ This Weekend


Lionsgate and director John Singleton took a chance on young actor Taylor Lautner to star in the latest action/thriller “Abduction”. Unfortunately, the film did not get good reviews from critics when I opened on Friday. The thing is, it seems that no A-lister in the lead can even save the film.

Abduction is the story of Nathan Price (Lautner) a teenager who finds out that the parents he knew were not really his when he saw his baby photo in a website for missing persons. The plot thickens as Nathan uncovers a conspiracy to hide the truth and mysterious men are out to kill him.

Reception to the action/thriller was poor, citing that lead star Lautner was not ready to lead a film on his own and that Singleton was unable to convey teenage emotions like angst in his latest movie offering.

These may all be valid observations of the “Abduction”. However, Lautner may still bring in fans from the Twilight saga for which this film may have been made.

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