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Paris Hilton: “India Rocks!”


Hilton heiress and international celebrity Paris Hilton is on her first visit to India and she is loving the country, its people and its women.

Paris gushed, “India rocks! So thrilled to be here. Love everyone in India so much. So happy I came here.”

She also says she finds Indian women “exotic and gorgeous”.
The 30-year-old heiress / entrepreneur / celebrity arrived in Mumbai, India yesterday and the first thing she did was party – because a welcome party in her honor was thrown by Queenie Singh.

Hilton took to her Twitter account and tweeted, “Had the best time at my party last night! Met so many amazing people! The women in India are so exotic and gorgeous!”

Hilton is on a three-day visit to India to launch her exclusive handbags and accessories range under the label Paris Hilton Entertainment.

The Hollywood socialite also called the country a “spiritual and magical” land during the official launch of her collection.

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