X-Factor Dallas Hopeful Draws Judges’ Ire


He was the last contestant of the day, but what a way to finish off the day’s auditions – and I do not mean it in a good way. I am glad Xander Alexander got booted out!


Alexander drew not only the audience’s ire, but even the judges of the reality show X-Factor, L.A. Reid, Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul and especially Simon Cowell, found him to be too obnoxious for comfort – despite not having proven anything yet! He has not yet sung a line but you can already see Simon’s building irritation towards him.

When it was obvious that his diva-esque attitude was not winning him any supporters, Alexander (his real name he said is ‘Alexander Johnson’, but he had the nerve to chastise Paula and tell her that he hates the name ‘Alexander’ and he does not want to be called by that name) back-pedaled, tried to ‘pretend’ to be on the verge of tears and played the sympathy card by repeating over and over how nervous he was (Abdul even remarked that he should not pretend to cry).

So, he finally starts to sing, ‘I’ll be’ (which he said he will sing in a different way) and Simon cuts him off – because really, he was not good. He asked for another chance, Cowell relented, but the second song was not any better.

When the time to vote came, L.A. Reid said ‘No’ outright, which even shocked Alexander. Scherzinger gave in to the sympathy act and said yes. Abdul, who I was expecting to be the ‘softie’ in the group surprisingly said a firm, ‘No’.

Cowell did not even have to say no, although it was clearly written on his face, but instead he told Alexander (Simon called him Alexander and Paula gasped, expecting wails of protest from the hateful contestant) who was still begging Cowell to say yes, that since he needed three ‘yes’ votes (and instead got two ‘Nos’) he did not need to give his vote. He was out!

Then Alexander turned the waterworks on, even off-cam, as if it will erase his earlier display of unpleasant attitude. You wish!

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