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Kareena Kapoor Miffed


Bolly wood actress Kareena Kapoor is miffed with rumors suggesting a rift with actress Katrina Kaif over the latter’s supposed item song in the upcoming movie ‘Bodyguard’. What irked her even more is the report that she is insecure about Katrina’s appearance in the movie and the said item song she is going to perform.

The actress clarified that she is in no way insecure with Katrina nor her ‘brief’ appearance in the movie. Kareena also claimed that Katrina is not doing an item song in the movie, and it is just an “appearance”.

Kareena said in a statement, “It’s really terrible. People who know me are aware that I am not insecure. I’m not that person. And besides, Katrina’s song is just a rumor. She hasn’t done any song. There’s a 20 second-long shot in which she makes an appearance. I think it’s just a publicity tactic,”

The 30-year-old Kapoor added that she and Katrina have always been friendly and are busy doing their share of work.

“Why should there be a problem between the two of us? Both of us do our own films. I’m busy doing mine while she has her share of work. Also, I am here to do my job. She is a lovely girl and we have always been friendly,” Kareena added.

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