Desperate Housewives Cast Still In Denial For Its End


For a long time running show to end is really hard to accept. Its cast and crew have spent quite a long together and even considered the set their second home. Now that Desperate Housewives is going to end, its cast is having a hard time accepting it.

These things were proven by Marcia Cross, the 49-year-old actress who plays Bree Van der Kamp when she revealed the news to her co-stars. According to what she said in Digital Spy, “I said to all the girls, ‘they are making an announcement about the show and they don’t make an announcement unless there is something to announce’. I don’t know why, but everybody else was in denial. I immediately texted Felicity Huffman as soon as it was confirmed. She found out the news through my text.”

Cross has been part of the show for 7 years. “I will miss Bree immensely. We’ve been through so much together. We’ve tackled marriages, babies, deaths, cancer. It’s been a long, interesting journey on Desperate Housewives so it is going to be difficult to say goodbye,” she said.

The show hit the TV screens in 2004 and from then on it’s viewers dwindled. The creator of the show, Marc Cherry will not be returning for the final season and former cast member Nicolette Sheridan is suing over her departure. Maybe it’s about time to end the long time running show.

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