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The ‘Late’ Paris Hilton


Based on all the hype and media mileage Paris Hilton’s first ever visit to India has been getting, one would think that she would really be all pumped up to be in the country and mingle with the people she said was her most liked thing about India.

But, alas, the Hilton Hotel heiress and famous celebutant was very late even for her own welcome party.

The invitation for the party said 9pm, and although a delay of an hour or even two at the most is considered ‘fashionable’, being late and making people wait for four and a half hours is really being impolite and disrespectful at the very least – imagine Hilton arrived at her own welcome party at 1:20 am!

The hostess, Queenie Singh who had a fractured toe but still exuded poise and elegance in high heels (since 9pm until the time Paris showed up) came up with the ‘excuse’ that Paris is used to parties starting at 12:30am.

But she did get the invite saying 9pm right? How can she not realize that showing up at 1:20am was not being fashionably late, it was being inconsiderately late.

Still Paris turned on the charm and media scribes were star-struck, giddily asking to have their picture taken with the Hollywood celebrity.

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