Hugh Jackman’s Film Gets Approval from His Kids


Hugh Jackman’s kids have yet to see his X-Men’s Wolverine character but they have seen his latest movie, ‘Real Steel’ and they have given it their stamp of approval.

Jackman told ‘Access Hollywood’ at the “Real Steel” junket in Los Angeles, “This is the first time they’ve really connected with one of my films. I don’t let them watch ‘X-Men.”

“Most of the time they don’t really ask me much about my job. They come on set, but it’s just dad, it’s normal. This is the first time they were like, ‘We love this!’ And they wanna take their friends. They have all the action figures. My son sleeps with Adam the robot,” he continued.

The actor’s kids, son Oscar, 11, daughter Ava, 6, have yet to see), are all agog about giant boxing robots.

In fact, his son’s love of the “Real Steel” script helped seal the deal on him doing the movie.

“I read this script for the first time with my son… I was like being a bad parent and instead of reading ‘Tintin,’ I read ‘Real Steel’ and my son made me read it to him for the next 10 nights,” he explained. “So, I knew we were on to a winner then.”

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