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Paris Hilton Gives Kangna Ranaut the Cold Shoulder


The meeting at Paris Hilton’s welcome party was supposed to pave the way for a reconciliation of sorts for Paris and Kangna Ranaut after the ‘confusion’ over claims of being the face of the Paris Hilton brand in India, but Paris did not really have anything for Kangna aside from a cursory handshake after being introduced to each other.

It will be recalled, Kangna claimed that an agency contacted her staff to be the face of Paris’ brand of accessories and endorse them in India. Paris denied it of course and said she is the face of her own brand.

A source present at the party recounted, “Kangna made several attempts to speak to Paris Hilton at the party, but she got mobbed as soon as she entered the venue. The host of the party Queenie graciously introduced Kangna to Paris, but she just flitted past her even before Kangna could say a ‘hi’ to her.”

“Just before Kangna decided to leave (past 2am), her companion went towards Paris to try and get a word with the hotel heiress. Paris continued pouting and posing for her fans. After a point, Kangna signalled her staff member to leave and both of them walked out of the party in a huff,” adds the source.

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