Cher Stressed Over Chaz’ Injuries


Music icon Cher’s stress levels must be over the roof! It started with having to deal with people who were criticizing the producers and even the people behind ‘Dancing With The Stars’ for getting his son, Chaz Bono, to be the first ever transgender contestant of the fabled ‘family-oriented’ show.

Next stressor is Chaz’ debut performance where Cher supposedly got emotional and cried because she was so proud of her son for braving through criticism and his fear of bungling up his performance.

Now comes Chaz’ host of injuries attributable to the grueling training he is doing to perfect his routines. How exactly did he hurt himself?

Chaz said, “There’s a step here that’s very easy to miss, and several times I’ve landed on it. That, combined with dancing every day… It’s a lot of pounding!”

“[My mom] was stressed [Monday night] to say the least! She called me up and she’s sending her doctors to help. She’s just trying to be as supportive as possible,” he added.

If you are a mother, then you know how it feels.

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