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Shah Rukh Khan’s Biggest Regret: Not Being Able to Sing


Some guys have all the luck — but, Shah Rukh Khan considers himself not to be one of those ‘lucky’ guys.

The Bollywood leading man has one big frustration in life that makes him feel incomplete, despite all his successes in life as well as in the Indian movie industry — that is not being able to sing.

Shah Rukh said, “It’s my greatest want in life…I wish I could sing.”

He candidly reveals that he had to let go off interesting offers because of his inability to sing, saying, “Like when I was asked by (musician) Andrew Lloyd Webber to do a show with him in London. ‘I’ll teach you how to sing’, he told me. But I know I can’t sing (smiles). I tried it once in Josh with Apun bola tu meri Laila…”

But the actor seems to have started to work on his inability to carry a tune, by asking friends to keep him updated on what is the latest on the music scene.

“I have asked all my friends – Priyanka (Chopra), Farhan (Akhtar) and Arun, who does my make-up and hair… I said ‘guys can you please give me some new music.’ They are now making a mix for me in an iPod. This will help me understand what my kids are listening to, my daughter particularly,” King Khan revealed.

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