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Jackson’s Bodyguard Announced That Murray Take Of The Med


Michael Jackson’s medical doctor asked over a bodyguard to take hold of vials of tablets as well as a saline bag from the singer’s bedroom on the morning he passed away according to Los Angeles court in the homicide trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

Alberto Alvarez, the bodyguard also stated that he noticed a “milky white substance” in the saline bag that Murray requested him to put away into a container before the ambulance arrived to help the famous singer. He also mentioned that while he was standing at the foot bed, he reached over and grasped a handful of vials and was advised to take the saline with him.

Prosecutors say that the substance was the surgical anesthetic propofol which was the cause of his death last June of 2009. Doctor Murray did not deny the allegation, but denies the involuntary manslaughter. If he will be found guilty of the said charge, he will have to face up to 4 years of imprisonment.
If we could remember, Michael Jackon’s body was found lifeless at his home on June 25, 2009. Police officials said that the singer died of Cardiac Arrest and later on announced it as homicide. On Feb.28, 2010, Jackson’s physician Conrad Murray pleaded not guilty.

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