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Seth Rogen Himself in a True To Life Movie “50/50”


After reading the synopsis and trailer of Seth Rogen’s newest movie, we are so firm to believe that the movie “50/50” will be the next film to watch out for. This is where Seth Rogen plays an important role in endearing boneheads. And yes! 50/50 is the next film to catch new story and lessons in life featuring Seth Rogen in where he plays Seth Rogen himself.
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The “50/50” movie is written by Rogen’s real-life pal Will Reiser, and it is inspired by the true story of how the two friends dealt with Reiser’s cancer diagnosis while they were in their early twenties.

Apparently, the said movie combines comedy into the dramatic situation, and Seth Rogen told in an interview this week that he’s happy it doesn’t always paint him in the most flattering light.

“I am proud to show how stupid I acted at the time,” Rogen said, “if it makes other people feel better about how their friends are acting in a similar situation, or how stupid they acted in a similar situation.”

What you can see in 50/50 official trailer is how Rogen first met Will Reiser while working on Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Tha Ali G Show” when they were both in mid 20’s. They became friends for several months until such time that they stopped working on the show after revealing that he had a cancer. Two friends did not deal with the situation thus thinking an idea of turning the situation into a film.

Seth Rogen said in a report, “I think, as almost a desperate mechanism to try to draw something good out of it, [we] thought, well, it would be great if we somehow made a movie out of this.”


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