Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts Cannot Save ‘Dream House’


There are mixed reactions to ‘Dream House’, the latest thriller from Universal Pictures. The film features Rachel Weisz and James Bond star Daniel Craig in the lead. Yes, these are bona fide stars yet critics find ‘Dream House’ a waste of their talents.

Craig plays Will Atenton, a publisher who chooses to relocate to a New England town with his wife Libby and two daughters despite a successful career in New York City. What seemed to be a dream home in the beginning turns into a nightmare as they discover that the house they now live in was home to a murdered family. The mother and her children were believed to have been murdered by the husband. As Will tries to uncover the truth with the help of their neighbor named Ann (Naomi Watts), new twists and turns are revealed.

The plot may have been interesting but critics and viewers found the pace of too slow to a point that it gets confusing. It looks like the star power of the lead actors will not be enough to save the film.

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