Halloween Costumes were inspired by some Celebrities


Many people around the world are inspired and very much thrilled about the upcoming Halloween holiday this November. And of course, this is the perfect time to search to the Halloween costumes that will fit the Halloween parties that you might attend for this year. Some Halloween costumes are inspired by popular celebrity and icons.
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With what other reports say, with the endless celebrity scandals throughout the year, the best way to approach Halloween parties and look for Halloween costumes is tour from magazines and tabloids.

From wide range of your choices and Halloween costumes ideas, from reality stars to iconic musicians, here are some tips of celebrity costume ideas specially for you and to expected to rock top Halloween parties in the town:

Lady Gaga costume rocks many Halloween parties last years. With the Gaga costumes, the pop queen truly reinvents herself to give us more inspiration on her dress, costumes and party looks. This time Lady Gaga looks might be of plastic meat toys.

Tiger Woods and his many ladies costumes might be considered in some Halloween parties. As what some reports says, a dirty-deed-doer or a certified P-I-M-P, grab the costumes now wearing a golfing green sports wears, with polo shirts and visors, and of course with few blonde babes on his side.

Captain America for sure will be one of the biggest hits in the party this year. The big screen hero is very popular and what more do we need to say.

Thor costumes might also be a great ideas since another big hit from the big screen. The Mighty Thor may be more arrogant and powerful warrior costumes that can be seen in the stores this year.


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