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Russell Brand Denied Entry to Canada


Looks like Russell Brand’s past his slowly but surely creeping up to him, regardless of how he is trying to move on and live a more productive life.

The British comic and husband to singing sensation Katy Perry, was denied entry to Canada because of his prior criminal record – forcing him to cancel his scheduled show at the Casino Rama.

Brand, 36, took to Twitter to reveal that he was held up at the Canadian immigration and was subsequently barred from entering the country despite of a slated show in Orilla, Ontario.

Russell tweeted, “Help! I’m gonna be late for Casino Rama show unless someone can force Canadian customs officials to let us land in Orillia!… How do you manipulate customs officials? Wasn’t Hitler’s father a customs officer? I’m pretty sure he was… Let me in! I must perform at Casino Rama, Orillia tonight at 9 for 5000 Canadians!”

He later confirmed that he was forced to cancel the show because he was denied entry.

“Tonight’s Casino Rama show postponed. I’m sorry. I can’t enter Canada. We must abolish the borders between our nations and our minds,” Brand added.

Brand was also deported from Japan back in May because of his previous drug convictions.

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